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2016 Adopted Budget

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Annual Notice for Meetings

The Fishers Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners has designated the 3rd Tuesday of each month as the day it will hold its regular monthly Board of Fire Commissioner’s meeting.  These meetings will meet at Fishers Fire Station 2, 380 High Street, Victor, NY and commence at 7:30pm prevailing time.  The District will post notices of any changes in dates and/or location.  Listed below are the current meeting dates and times:

  • Tuesday           January 19, 2016         7:30pm
  • Tuesday           February 16, 2016       7:30pm
  • Tuesday           March 15, 2016           7:30pm
  • Tuesday           April 19, 2016             7:30pm
  • Tuesday           May 17, 2016              7:30pm
  • Tuesday           June 21, 2016              7:30pm
  • Tuesday           July 19, 2016              7:30pm
  • Tuesday           August 16, 2016          7:30pm
  • Tuesday           September 20, 2016    7:30pm
  • Tuesday           October 18, 2016        7:30pm
  • Tuesday           November 15, 2016    7:30pm
  • Tuesday           December 20, 2016     7:30pm


Further notice – the 2017 Budget Hearing for the Fishers Fire District Board is scheduled for October 18, 2016.  The Budget Hearing will commence prior to the regular monthly meeting at 7:00pm prevailing time.

Further notice – the 2016 election of Commissioners for the Fishers Fire District Board is scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of December – 12/13/2016.  The voting will take place at Station 2 between the hours of 5:00pm and 9:00pm prevailing time. 

Further notice – the 2017 organizational meeting of the Fishers Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners is scheduled for the 1st Tuesday of January - 1/3/2017.  This meeting will be held at Station 2 and commence at 7:30pm prevailing time. 

While all meetings are open to the public, the District reserves the right to limit public input.

By order of Fishers Fire District. 

Chauncy Young, Treasurer
Fishers Fire District





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Fishers FD Call Summary for 2014

Automatic Alarms 151 22%
Emergency Medical Service    256 37%
Motor Vehicle Accidents 97 14%
Hazardous Conditions  80 11%
Fire, Smoke, Explosions    31 4%
Mutual Aid, stand by     10 1%
Other       71 10%
Total alarms 696


Report Card

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